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Hey there Adventure Girl,
you just found your sisterhood



Does any of this sound familiar?


You loooooove adventures, but you struggle to find other rad women to go with and none of your girl friends want to go and explore.


You’re sick of orgainising adventures, only for your ‘mates’ to cancel on you last minute.


You want to learn how to do outdoor stuff better, like fix your bike, pack a lighter pack, get the right boots, navigate, build shelter and light fires, but the workshops out there are full of ‘know it all dudes’ that talk to you like you have no clue


You want feel safe in doing stuff that gets you out of your comfort zone and know that the women there with you are there to cheer you on, have got your back and will celebrate you getting out there.


You want to adventure with real women just like yourself!




You’re not alone. That’s exactly how I felt when I first started getting out on adventures.

That’s what inspired me to build a space just for us.

I was in the same boat as you. Even after adventuring for nearly two decades, I struggled with all of the above myself. And I saw my girl friends struggling with it too.


I constantly felt overwhelmed, trying to organise adventures, meet new peeps to go with, and struggling big time to get good quality advice.


And worst of all, I hadn’t found my sisterhood of rad women to share my adventures – my ups and my downs.


Thankfully, I’ve got some great news for you…


Introducing the Adventure Girls Membership



The Adventure Girls Membership is your ultimate sisterhood of all things in the adventure space for women!


We believe that the secret ingredient to getting outdoors doing cool is not inspirational quotes or even the perfect outdoor gear (although those are great too), but having a network of inspirational, empowering adventure besties who support you and get you out there.

“It’s much more fun to adventure with cool chicks and pushes me to do more. Such a great day. Awesome way to have fun and get confidence back on the bike! EPIC! ” 
Bex G.

The Adventure Girl Sisterhood VIP Membership will provide you with the ingredients every Adventure Girl needs:



Having to nag your friends who don’t want to go on adventures SUCKS big time, and worse still having friends cancel last minute. That’s why we’re building more than a network… we’re building a community and a movement.


Tap into the knowledge and experience of a community of adventure girls and featured industry experts and build a network of adventure besties and travel buddies!



Every few weeks or months you find yourself looking for new ideas to keep you motivated to get out there… and lets not even talk about what happens when winter kicks in #hibernationmuch. The lack of motivation makes it soooo hard to keep inspired!


The VIP Members Club brings much-needed motivation and inspo to your daily life through challenges, virtual networking events, meetups, adventures and more!



Say goodbye to the constant feeling of overwhelm and like you ‘don’t know where to start’.


We meet regularly online or at adventures and events with local women. With guest experts at hand to help guide you along the way, ‘not knowing how’ will no longer be an excuse.



I have no friends who are interested in adventure so it’s great to be able to have a group of like-minded women to try new things with.
Jo M.


What’s Included




Download maps, PDFs, full details of adventures in New Zealand.



As a VIP Member you can search for, connect with and message other Adventure Girls who share common adventure experiences and goals.



If you have a business that does adventures exclusively for women, you can list your business for free on our searchable Directory.



Promote your womens only adventures weekly to our Adventure Girls Sisterhood Private Facebook Community on our weekly promotions day to a group of 1.6k adventure seeking women in NZ.



Access deals and discounts on coaching,  gear, shoes and clothing, food and nutrition products, adventure retreats, travel & accommodation and much more. All provided by our extensive list of Partners here to save you money.



As a VIP Member you can enter regular competitions to win free products supplied by our Partners.



Get exclusive access to our private Facebook Community reserved for VIP Members only. See VIP Only content such as Live Q&A’s with leading adventure women, practical how to guides and advise and a network of fun women up for adventuring.



You VIP Membership provides us with the means to keep developing our resources so we can bring you even more adventure ideas, info and inspo.

“Because it was a beginner’s class and I wanted to do learn something new & be adventurous. So glad I took the step and came out to this meetup. I’ve only been in NZ for a week and it was nice to meet some awesome girls and try something new.”
Laila R.


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Join the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Members today!
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Who’s behind the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership?


Oh, hi there! My name is Senka, I’m the founder of Adventure Girls and your host inside the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership!

For the past decade and a half I’ve been involved in getting women outdoors doing cool shit through out NZ and even over to Bali.  A year ago I sold 2/3rd of my stuff, packed up my life into my 4WD Hank The Tank and traveled NZ for 5 months.  In that time I realised there was no real main sisterhood for adventure girls like you and I to connect with locally and while we’re on the road.

That’s why I’ve created the Adventure Girls Sisterhood – The Easiest Way To Meet Your New Adventure Besties.  

I wanted to help women around NZ connect over adventure. Whether your a newbie looking for advise on gear or trails, or your a seasoned pro looking for inspo for your next adventure or ways to upskill, having a strong circle of girlfriends who inspire you on makes all the difference

When I’m not busy running Adventure Girls or scheming where to go on my next adventure, you can usually find me finding something new to try cooking, reading more on permaculture and tiny home living or binging on inspiring Podcasts.

Still not sure if the Adventure Girls VIP Sisterhood is right for you?

The Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership isn’t for everyone and it’s much better to figure out if it’s a good fit
BEFORE you join. So here are some helpers:

The Adventure Girls Inner Circle is a good fit for you, if:


 You want to meet like-minded adventure girls to make friends with, bounce ideas off and support each other

 You want to give as well as receive help, support and friendship

 You are looking for more adventure in your life, and want to find awesome women to go on epic adventures with

 You believe in community over competition and are happy to share your knowledge with our rad members

 You’ve already started on your adventure journey (or are just getting started) and want to feel part of a community

The Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership is NOT a good fit for you, if:


 You’re looking for a quick fix and aren’t dedicated to spending time with other members, to meet, get to know each other and build real friendships.

 You’re all about ‘hustling’ and ‘crushing it’ – We believe that balance is key for adventure girls and we know that community, self-care, friendship and growth are more important than being a dick.

 You’re looking for a place to JUST sell your services and market your business – Though, of course, we love nothing more than our members getting to know each other and working together!





You might think we’re crazy, like we’re talking you out of joining the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership. Of course, we’d LOVE to have you! But if the VIP Membership isn’t a great fit, then it won’t work out for you or us 😢 That’s why I want to make it super easy to find out if this is the place for you!



Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already a adventure girl. Is the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership right for me?

Yes! I created the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership to provide a space for us adventure girls. I know that our biggest struggles are connection, inspiration and advise and that’s exactly why I built this space.

Assuming you want to expand your circle of adventure besties and keep learning new skills, then this is absolutely the place for you. The Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership also offers discounts at with our Partners, VIP rewards, give aways, exclusive offers and discounts and directory listing.

Why are you offering a Pre-Launch Founding Members rate?

Doors officially open to the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership on Monday 14 October 2019, so we wanted to find a way to reward those epic women that see our vision and support us from the start.  We will run special offers from time to time on the membership, but we will never offer the Founding Members rate of $97 yearly EVER AGAIN.

So you won’t want to miss out.

Plus, as long as you stay a member, your Founding Membership rate will NEVER GO UP… YAY!

Is the community hosted in a private Facebook Group?

No, the sisterhood will be hosted hosted on the Adventure Girls Website in a members only area as well as a private Facebook community. I LOVE our free Adventure Girls Sisterhood Facebook Group, but I have made a very conscious decision to host the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership in our own, dedicated space away from social media as well as the private FB Group. 

What if I join the Adventure Girls Sisterhood VIP Membership after Mon 14 October

After Mon 14 October the price for the annual membership will go up to $247.  From time to time we may run special launches, but we will never sell the membership for $97 annually again. 

So don’t miss out!

Hell Yeah I Want In!