[LIVE] This Is What Filling Up My Happy Tank Looks Like Today


Hey hey Adventure Girls. This is what happiness looks like today. I just got home there’s Hank the tank tucked away and I just got back from my first mountain bike and I’m gonna say probably three months I have had a back injury a wrist injury the weather can’t ride the trails here when they’re wet so now my beautiful Henry and I have just got back from mountain bike so like I’m actually chomped at the butt. I’m so so so happy right now. It was amazing like after being off the bike for that long I’ve been doing a bit of trail running and whatnot just hanging my stuff up after so much time off the bike I forgotten just how much I’ve forgotten just how much I’ve gotten just how much fun it is to get out and to ride my bike so I am ??? at the butts we stopped at one of the viewpoints and I actually just about had a little cry. It was that nice to be back on my bike after so long off it and yeah it’s funny how we have these things in our lives that we know like really fill our cups up like I love trail running.

I love it like it’s so nice it’s got a surreal similar feel to what mountain biking does get you out get you moving. When your trail running down somewhere you can only be totally present to what’s in front of you because you’ve got to watch where your feet go and all of that but there’s just something about being on a bike when you hit those down hills and you get that flow and we just went up the road and rode rode ??? which was really good. We earned our ride that was like took us we’re 30 ish minutes a bit less than that maybe to ride up and then we rode along the Traverse to that Park and then back and then down my trails down here down Hansberry which I jog down quite a bit which is cold but being on my bike it’s just an entirely different feeling. That real sense of flow you know when you’re trail running
you’re still got the pounding of your feet on the ground but there’s this rhythm there’s a smoothness that comes through mountain biking that you can’t get trail running and that’s just like f*ck me.

When something like that has been missing from my life for three months that’s like I knew I missed it but till I was standing out looking I even feel really emotional now standing out looking out over the thing and just to having been on my bike but it just fills my cup up so much like I feel like I just feel full. My heart feels so full right now. I actually just want to have a big cry cuz it’s like yeah took about showing up and all the realness but that’s what for me that’s the huge part about being outdoors and getting outdoors and being and doing adventure is it’s not about sure it’s about getting fit and moving and feeling better and my body and stuff like that but there’s so much of a sense of being totally present. I find yoga really hard to do because my mind still gets really busy but I find with mountain biking, trail running, trail running yes mountain biking 100% the only place I can be is totally present has been really really present when you’re riding so I’ve just forgotten how euphoric that feels.

I like catching a beautiful wave like this the only other place that I could probably say that I get that same sense of just nothing exists in the real present moment except being either on your board on a wave on a clean wave or being on your mountain bike when you’ve got that sense of flow on a smooth trail riding down. That is what happiness looks like for me today. Out for a ride with a good friend having a chat talking about life and then finding those parts on the trail that are just absolutely 100% glorious. Mesh I miss your face how you doing you look like you’ve been having heaps of fun. If you are tuning in all from Australia and you want to get out and do some cool sh*t look up mesh from what’s your adventure. She does amazing women’s adventures over in Australia and occasionally she even comes over to New Zealand to do some snow trips as well so Mesh does amazing things for women and the adventure space over in Australia so she is like the adventure girl’s sister version over in Australia so any of you Australian ladies make sure you catch up with Mesh show over there. So anyway ladies whatever you’re getting up to today like you know just go and fill your cup up or tank up your happy tank up whatever it is for you and you know if you follow any of my lives and stuff like that you’ll know I am always like do the things that matter to you with the people that matter to you because we can get so caught up in doing the stuff that we think we should be doing. I should do this and that and I should go show up here and I need to be there and you know we over give and we over commit and then we forget to fill our happy tanks up you know and that’s like vitally vitally important.

It is a lifeblood of allowing us to be at our fullest capacity all the time so you can’t give from an empty cup so if you’re over giving and doing everything for everyone else and you’re not filling your cup up it is a surefire way to not enjoy life and you know unless you believe in reincarnation we’ve got one shot at this amazing beautiful glorious thing called life and it’s not going to be all rainbows and
butterflies every single day. It’s going to have its challenges but it’s like at least when you are filling your cup up doing the things that matter – you with the people that matter to you you have that resilience you have that overflow where you have capacity to be able to manage through that stuff. So make sure ladies this weekend you are going out and filling up your cup if you’re watching this replay let me know you’re watching the replay use the #replay so I know that you’ve tuned in and any watching this and from somewhere out there not live but otherwise here’s some other people. I’m gonna go inside. Go fill your happy tanks up ladies. Get out there and do some cool sh*t that matters to you and these ladies are they’re on for a trial run and fill up your happy cups up like. Here’s to getting more women out doing some cool sh*t and of course if you want to make some other ladies to go and do cool shit with come and hang out with us in the Adventure Girls Sisterhood.

It’s our free community that we’ve got our free sisterhood so come and hang out with us in there and you can find that under the Facebook group Adventure Girls Sisterhood and come hang out with us in there so go fill you caps up ladies. Let me know in the comments below what
you’re gonna be getting up to this weekend. I’d love to hear what are you gonna go do to fill up your cup. Alright ladies here’s to getting more women out doing cool sh*t and I’ll hear from you below. See ya!

[LIVE] Some Freaking Exciting AF News for 2020




Hey hey Adventure Girls Senka here. What! Have I got some freaking exciting news for you. I just got back was catching up with a couple of my adventure besties and some of my business besties and I got to have a really cool juicy conversation about with them about what’s coming up for 2020 for Adventure Girls and let me tell you ladies there’s some really freaking exciting stuff. So where do I start? It’s all so exciting. Okay let’s start with this one really great piece of news.

So if you’ve been following Adventure Girls you would have seen me have released the Why She Adventures Conversation Series which is a 14 part interview series with amazing women from across New Zealand and who get out and do cool stuff in the outdoors and the whole purpose behind that is to create a space to inspire you to go out and do more cool sh*t like that’s the whole purpose of the free conversation series and then what lead from that is I had so many ladies that wanted to connect up in person is that we launched a Why She Adventures live event here in Christchurch which is where I now live and we launched that and we successfully sold out of it. We had an amazing line-up of women who shared like some phenomenal stuff about why they adventure like not just practical tips of like how do I stop my feet getting sore when I’m out doing stuff and you know like that practical side but then there’s the whole other side you know some of these ladies are doing some really intense crazy out there stuff and some of it is the conversation was around you know I’m sorry just trying to put a charger on my phone so it doesn’t go flat while we do this and some of it was around you know like the extra mindset stuff with the resilience that you know the places that they have to find within themselves to push through like when it’s like super challenging when you’re out on adventures because that’s you know that’s what happens sometimes sometimes the reason we choose not to do adventures because it gets really it’s too challenging and it’s too stretchy.

But for me part of going on adventures is to find that extra bit of resilience that extra bit of I can do this stuff. Hey Chris how you doing man? is to find that like prime example we were out we did a track through ??? on the weekend sort of stuff and we took the more challenging route in and let’s just say there was definitely a moment where I just had to sit down and kind of go ‘are we there yet’? because I would like to be at the hut now and then just kind of go well the only way I’m gonna get to the hut is to keep moving and then just to set that in. So you know these conversations that we’re having with these amazing women across New Zealand has been fantastic so number one is we’re going to continue those conversations which I’m super excited about.

So as of in two weeks we’ll be releasing one new interview every couple of weeks so you’ll be able to stay inspired and motivated from women across New Zealand out there doing cool stuff and these are just everyday women like they just want to do the thing that either lights them up or pulls them forward or inspires more challenges or whatever the reason that’s all why she adventures so that’s number one we’re gonna be doing some great interviews ongoing at least one a month if not to get a few more and then the big exciting news for 2020 is that we are going to be doing a tour through New Zealand for the Why She Adventures tour which is freaking exciting like scary as sh*t but really freaking exciting because one of the big things is that I know from running Adventure Girls to the last wave of 10 years or more I originally started Adventure Girls when I was in my early 20s. Actually it’s gonna be coming up nearly 20 years since I originally started Adventure Girls that is like how long I’ve been in this space.

Anyway but one of the big things that always comes up from the adventures that we used to run was that you know you want to find other women that are into doing the stuff that you’re doing. You want to find other adventure besties to connect up with and go do stuff those girlfriends that go hell yeah I want to go and do that thing. So I want to create more opportunities now that we’re not running adventures ourselves with Adventure Girls and we’re promoting other women’s adventures across New Zealand which is f*cking exciting in itself but is that we want to still create a way for you women to connect together so that you can meet your new adventure bestie and it doesn’t have to be that you’re meeting you know 20,000 women to go an adventure with, you just want to find those two or three women. Hey Sarah Jane how you doing gorgeous. Hey Rachel give me some hearts up let me know where you’re tuning in from across New Zealand and yes that you don’t need to find 20,000 women to go adventure with you just need to find that two three or four women that are just like that you connect with and all of that.

So we still want to create opportunities to meet in person even though it’s not adventures and specifically which is why we’re going to do the Adventure Girls Why She Adventures tour across New Zealand. So I came from the speaker series online conversation series which we then launched to a live one here in Christchurch and so now we’re going to take that and we’re going to do that on a much better scale which is yeah scary and awesome all at the same time. So the intention is that we’ll be going across New Zealand later next year or mid next year and we’ll be doing a conversation series where we will have some panelists and you’ll be able to book your ticket to come along and listen to these stories and hear about why they adventure and stuff like that and have the opportunity to ask questions and be a part of that conversation as to why we adventure and how we can get out more and have more fun and adventure in our lives because let’s face it you know we’ve got unless you believe in reincarnation we’ve got one shot at this beautiful gift called life so why not make it one that’s full of fun and adventure right like we totally owe that to ourselves to have our best life our best version of our life whatever that means to you for you and all of that sort of stuff but for me it’s definitely about having more fun and adventure in it so that’s the whole sort of premise behind how the Adventure Girls actually originally launched nearly 20 years ago and what’s really driving us forward for what we want to create for 2020 so there’s some more exciting announcements that are yet to come but we’re just gonna be developing that over the next couple of months and all I can say is just be ready for some cool and for more inspiration that’s going to be coming out and hearing from amazing women across New Zealand you know what they’re getting up to create more fun and adventure in their life and how they do that and not just in a you know pick up your life and go on climb mountains and all that but just how they’re making it as part of their everyday life.

So exciting stuff right so if you know someone in your area that you think would be an amazing panelist who you would love to have to hear from on stage why they adventure and to be a part of the conversation on stage with a few other women then please tag them in this below and if you think that you would love to be a panelist on this please tag yourself and give me a comment below because then that means that I know that you’re interested and if you want to have a Why She Adventures live event in your area let me know what area you’re in because the more that you guys put your hands up the more that I know that I can bring that to you. So I’m super excited ladies like 2020 is just gonna be a whole new phase for Adventure Girls and Why She Adventures and what that’s going to be bringing for your ladies and I’m just excited because you know we need more women out there showing our daughters and our young women out there that life is about getting out there and and challenging yourself to really grow. So here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t if you haven’t already connected with us head on and to our free Facebook sisterhood the Adventure Girls Sisterhood and come in there and we’ve got a growing community the year with over 1,700 women already across New Zealand.

Come in join the conversation make some hopefully some new adventure besties in there and get some tips and inspiration for getting out and doing some more cool stuff so that’s what’s happening for 2020 exciting stuff man really exciting stuff so put on your knickers coz it’s gonna be an epic ride ladies and I’m so excited that you’re here on the journey with us so go find us in the free community at Adventure Girls Sisterhood and our Facebook community if you’re not already in there then come and hang out and meet some hopefully your new adventure besties in there. Until then go out get some fresh air. Go get some nature coz that sh*t is awesome and I will see you guys on the next live in here otherwise here’s to getting all women out doing cool sh*t. Ka kite!

[VIDEO] Look At What We Walked Up To Get To Our Hut The Other Day




What up Adventure Girls! Just out with my adventure besties Jen and Jules is wandering ofin the background we’re on our way out we stayed at the Woolshed Creek Hut but here we’re walking on the way out and this is what we wanted to point out just trying to get it in the shot here. This ridge line here that big rock yesterday we walked up there and 6.4K then we went the hard way in technically and we dropped over the other side up in the distance up there and then we drop down into the riverbed to a waterfall back up and then over a swing bridge and into the hut. Let me tell you it was freakin awesome. Tough but awesome. We dumped into a bunch of people going the other way and they were like you guys are doing it the hard way because we’re now walking out we’re like this is so glorious because it is nowhere near as technical rocky or steep as yesterday was but it really makes you appreciate the stuff because we definitely went the hard way yesterday and it was really mentally challenging just like anything right.

We had you have in your mind what you think it’s gonna be like and then you get out there and you’re like it’s not quite what I was picturing. Not quite what I was picturing so you really have to find your resilience and being a really good mind set I was like ok well the only way forward is to keep moving right. Whether it’s a steep hill we’ve got things to cross you’re tired you’re whatever it’s like you just actually have to keep moving it’s the only way to get where you wanna go. So just looking at that now and saying that makes me really appreciate our walk out was just super mellow by comparison and equally as stunning so there’s my homegirls there’s my adventure besties having a chitchat made a couple of drinks last night and had some yummy food and I’m gonna be back in Christchurch for lunchtime have an afternoon of work so that’s how it is but if you’ve never done this walk it’s pretty fucking awesome man like if you want a nice little overnighter the hut is really rad like super rad. Well insulated and just perfectly equipped and stuff like that.

So anyway you know all these things are about building resilience and building your strength. Find yourself something that’s gonna challenge yourself and go get out there ladies. So here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t and if you need some more adventure besties in your life like I’ve got make sure you go and check out of adventuregirls.co.nz/vip where you can we are about to launch a new way to connect with other women that are into the outdoors and we’ve got awesome deals and discounts for our VIP members and yeah cool resources and a really cool interactive map coming along as well so you can find adventures to do and then you can find other women that want to go do them and you can connect up and message them. It’s not just a Facebook group there’s an actual online platform so it’s super excited that it’s coming really soon so if you need some of these some people like this that are really awesome in your life make sure you get on there adventuregirls.co.nz/vip. Here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t.

stepping out into the unfamiliar

[LIVE] Stepping Out Into The Unfamiliar




Hey hey Adventure Girls it’s Senka here. This live is coming off the bat of a walk I did yesterday and the fact that I went back up and was up on the hunt free tracks so let me put this back I love how like I kind of had this idea of how I’m gonna go on a live now and then I’m just like we’ll just do it which is ironic because the topic is stepping into the unfamiliar. So anyway I always figure it’s just better to go live when the content is in my head and the idea of the sharing and the learning that I’ve gotten is there so then that way it’s kind of like blah instead of me trying to formulate and all that. Anyway you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble. This whole thing is based on stepping into the unfamiliar sort of stuff.

So one year ago, so two nights ago we did a Rogaine with one of my adventure besties and we did a Rogaine. If you don’t know what a Rogaine is it’s basically like a big treasure hunt you get a map use a compass. You have to find your way to certain checkpoints. Checkpoints are worth some checkpoints are worth more than others so there’s a little bit of strategy, a little bit of speed all that sort of stuff so we did that two nights ago and we were on the same track that I did my very first Rogaine one whole year ago. So one whole year ago I was like the one thing when I moved to Christchurch was like I want to learn how to navigate with a map and with a compass and I want to get better at that like that stuff has been on my bucket list for so long I just wanted to get better at it. I don’t know what it is I think there’s something empowering about being able to read a map so that if I go out and something happens in nature and stuff like that I know the basics of reading a map. Hey Kelsea so yes so anyway so one whole year ago we were doing our very first Rogaine so I was fully fully stepping into the unfamiliar so I’d done our one course through my other adventure besties it’s shop Further Faster and we did a course, we did an evening course on how to read the maps and we did a little play around at ??? Park and all that sort of stuff.

Anyway that is so different to when you actually go out and you have to use your map and figure it all out and it’s fair to say that first Rogaine that we did a year ago was f*cking crazy like just trying to piece it all together I felt like my brain was just going like this it was like back at school it was like one plus one equals two? It was so hard to go back to go into something that was so unfamiliar that I had no idea on how to do and really go back to learning something and not in going out and not being the person who had it like so used to going all my other adventures I’m like yeah I know how to ride a bike, yeah I know how to fix that little thing if it doesn’t but to step into that unfamiliar stuff of not knowing how to do something and not being freaking amazing at it can really put us off from actually doing that thing because we think we want to show up and we want to look awesome like we’ve got our sh*t together.

If you watch the start of this live you would see that didn’t quite have my sh*t together at the start but it’s the one thing that we need to get over ourselves for so that we can actually get out and do all the fun stuff because the realization and this is the whole reason this is live is together is two nights ago we went back and we were on the same hill from the first year where I had no freaking clue didn’t know the terrain didn’t know how to use a compass did not know how to use the map didn’t even understand like the whole Rogaining thing out timing all of that. Two nights ago we just went out same hill again now here’s the thing over that year I have gone and done probably maybe a dozen Rogaines and maybe a few more than that and a lot of them have been very unsuccessful. We did one recently that was a six hour and it took us one hour to find our first check point one hour I wanted to quit. It took a lot of regrouping to actually carry on and do that Rogaine coz we were only one hour into six hours and we couldn’t even find our first way and we were just like what the frick are we doing. That was the last one we just did before we did this one up on the hill but we went back to the hill and in that time I’ve actually moved to where the trackers and I’ve walked that track a large number of times so when we set out on this Rogaine there was so much more that was familiar about it when I was looking at the contours well one I could have a better ability to read a map I can’t say that I’m awesome at it yet but I’m better at it because I’ve been practicing it because I’ve been putting myself into the space of all that unfamiliar stuff so I can read a map a little bit better now I know how to use a compass I’m still getting better at how to measure distances but also the fact that that terrain was familiar now because I’ve walked that hill so when we’re looking at the contours and it’s talking about a bluff I’m like I know that exact bluff because I walked up past it or I’ve ridden down it pass it on my bike. So the only way for things that become familiar is to step into the space of the unfamiliar like now if I have to go into a few Rogaines on a few of the hills out there are cheers cars and I would have a smaller amount of reference for where we’re going because I’ve been out there but it takes that first step of the bit like stepping into the unfamiliar and being like consciously choosing to be brave and stepping into the unfamiliar whatever that is for you whatever it is that you want to create.

This reference is purely just from doing the Rogaines that it takes that little bit of being consciously brave and choosing to step into the unfamiliar and know that you will develop skills along the way and develop the learning so that it becomes more familiar as you go. So now so yesterday yesterday day before we went out and did the Rogaine we covered easily twice the distance and we’ve got two checkpoints within our first ten minutes but then it came from going out and actually being out and doing that thing so it’s like whatever it is that you want to create more of in your life whatever there is like whether I said you just want to have more fun and adventure in your life whether you want to step into a new career whether it’s you want to go and do a massive hike or whatever it is that you want to get out and do you just have to take those baby steps of the unfamiliar and be really okay with the learning process and that you won’t have your sh*t together the first time you go and do something or maybe you will maybe you’ll surprise yourself and maybe we were like how did I not know that I was a f*cking boss at doing this thing but either way you just have to make it really okay with being going into the unfamiliar so that things can then become more familiar and you can get better at it and you can grow and that’s where it all comes from.

So that was my big learning from the Rogaine I couldn’t believe it like we were out there running and it was just so exciting because I was like man like first off a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to run any of that and that’s time we jogged a lot of a lot of it and so we covered more distance and we got a bunch more checkpoints and we really challenged ourselves at the end we’re like there’s ten minutes can we get two more checkpoints and we gathered up two extra checkpoints and we’re just really proud of ourselves because it had been such a challenge the first time we did our Rogaine a year ago on that same track and then when I was at my adventure bestie the last one we did together was our six-hour on which took one hour but to find the first checkpoint. So hopefully you’re hearing in this story some stuff for you that comes up whether it’s that you’re noticing how you’re like it’s so interesting it’s such a juicy topic I could just keep talking about it but it’s just so easy to quit when it gets tough like honestly after that one hour of looking for that and checkpoint on that Rogaine we was like we both kind of went shall we do this shall we carry on and we and we did like we finished it and we just reassessed the distances that we were gonna cover but it’s not about the Rogaine it was it’s about that mental game that goes with doing stuff that doesn’t feel sometimes super awesome but we know that there’s growth in that moment so it’s like we challenged ourselves to carry on cuz it would have been easy to have quit the one hour and at that one day I can just go f*ck this I’m out of here but we stuck with it and we did it and we did it as a team which was really awesome and then this coming back into this Rogaine again it was just like that real positive reinforcement of hey look you can actually do this.

So yeah I could totally talk about this topic all the time because it is so easy to step back when it gets a little bit tough. I do it I can’t I know that I do it at times and I catch myself and it’s something that it’s a continual practice of building your resilience building your and stretching out to being okay with unfamiliar things and being right in that space of not having everything completely together. So that’s it ladies that’s my lesson from going back up on the hill and heading up the Rogaine track again. I love it it’s such a great way to challenge myself. So anyway there’s the wicked Rogaine doing a series here so if you to do that you can join on and of course if you are looking for some inspiration to get out and do some cool stuff and you want to hear some some amazing stories from amazing women around the world if you haven’t already jumped on board to our Why She Adventures free interview series, you can get acces to that now we’ve interviewed or I’ve interviewed 14 amazing women around New Zealand who have done some freaking amazing stuff and they let’s just say have stepped into the unfamiliar in it and growing massively so there’s 14 interviews all lined up ready for you to access you’ll get one interview a day so you can just make your way through those get topped up with a sh*t ton of inspiration and you can find that at whysheadventures.com and get it in there ladies and say we’ve got Miriam Lanswood, Hollywood House, we’ve got Lisa Tamati and then we’ve got some amazing local champions. I’ve got actually interview my sister Vesna who’s a world champion Waka Ama paddler so yeah hey Hannah banana how you doing girl actually you should be on this interview series as well so if you haven’t already checked in with those ladies oh Hanna if you’ve watched Miriam’s interview she’s amazing.

So yeah if you haven’t already checked into that go get your hands on it it’s totally free to watch those videos and you can get that at whysheadventures.com otherwise ladies go get out there life is meant to be one big ginormous awesomely epic adventure with the highs of the peaks of the mountains and embracing the valleys that come along the way because without those abilities we can’t appreciate the peaks that we reach. So go get out there ladies here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t and I will see you i the next live.

[VIDEO] OMG…I’m So Out Of Breath In This Video

Just got back from a magic overnight stay at this hut.

Reason 1,487 I heart you so much NZ. Have you stayed here too?



Hey hey Adventure Girls. Senka here. I’m just making my way up that’s probably backwards. That’s the pipeline that’s what it says anyway. I’m just making my way up the pipeline in about four weeks we’ve got the Tongariro Crossing so if you’ve ever done it before you’ll know the Tongariro Crossing has two big climbs in it one is the devil staircase and then one is the summit – and as you summit over the red crater and then drop down into the emerald lakes. Brains not working this time this morning so the only way to get fitter for those up hills and like this will be my fourth or fifth time I’ve done it and I just never gets it doesn’t get easier. It just you get better at it right but you can see the pipe line up behind me here that goes straight up so I’m just out this morning getting some fitness in because the only way to get fitter for those hills is to actually work them and how convenient I live in Christchurch where there’s lots of what do you know hills so the funny thing is right the same thing as for life right.

You want to go out and you want to do these things I can think about walking up this hill and I can go and walk some flat stuff and that will get me fitter yes in some level but at the end of the day if you want to get fitter for going the thing you only have to know massive big Hills to start with you can start on small walks small uphill walks which means that big goal that you’re going for whatever you want to create more of in your life. Oh I am puffing! You don’t need to eat the whole elephant you don’t need to climb the whole mountain in one freaking go right. You can start with the small steps get out start walking then start to add a few hills in then come on walk one of these things just take your time though then aim to move faster up the hill it’s all about progress over f*cking perfection because so often we get stuck it in us needing to be in a certain space to start that certain thing that we want to start but that’s just a crock of sh*t.

You actually just got to get started anyway. I’m gonna get fitter for walking up hills is to start walking up hills even if their baby wants to start with. Oh holy shit Mazel! I am pooped! So the name of the game ladies I have from being completely out of breath is to create small ones through progress drop the comparison about we everyone else’s you know. There’s a shit ton of people who away faster going up this hill than me but I’m also out here and I’m doing it and that’s a win for me so whatever it is you’re going for or you want to go for, start! Start in the direction of the thing that you want. Focus on progress over the perfection and stop comparing where you are in your life to where everyone else’s because we’re all running our own we’re all running our own race or forgot our own stuff going on and celebrate the small ones along the way.

Look at that view. The first time I walked this I stopped so many times and here I am puffed as all hell but doing a bit of a video up the way so I can feel the progress of where I’m going but it’s because I’ve been out there doing it in small increments. So go get out there ladies whatever that thing is that you want. Go out and get that small wins, progress over perfection, drop the comparison and get started. Here’s to getting more ladies out doing cool sh*t. Thank you have a great day ladies and of course if you want to have other mates to go out and do this cool stuff with but don’t quite have the network or your mates just aren’t into it well we can help clear that excuse up.

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[LIVE] My biggest take aways from my conversations last night with Hollie Woodhouse, Sia Svendsen and Jen Halliday…




Hi Adventures Girl! It’s Senka here. And, last night we had our very first adventure girls, “Why She Adventures Live Conversation Series” here in Christ Church, which was awesomely hosted by the amazing people here. What a night ladies! Oh my gosh! Like, I came home and I had a little bit of a cry because it was just so overwhelmingly awesome, that evening. Like the fact that 40 women turned up to listen to three women story about the adventures that they do, what they go through and some of the challenges that they came up, that come up along the way and you couldn’t help but like, one, wonder how you can like extend yourself and do more, because there was there was so much to take away. I’m like, I don’t even know where to start with it all, because it was just so amazing. There was some really key takeaways though, so the first big key takeaway was to talk about resilience.

So there’s so much conversation and I guess what I love about it being a woman’s event is that we sit the frame that was super conversational, so it wasn’t a presentation and the girls getting up talking about things. We just float with whatever the topics came up, so it was just phenomenal and the ladies in the audience got to ask Steph. Hey Jean! Thank you Jean for speaking last night. Jean just jumped in on our live so thank you Jean, for all your amazing words of wisdom and encouragement. I love that you represent those ladies that getting into it you know, into running specifically into trail running at you know that they haven’t always done it all their lives, and not like born into like adventure and all that stuff.

So, Jean was just here now, she was one of the speakers but one of the big things that I really took away was a conversation around resilient. And how we find that, when we find it from and where it comes from. It was such a juicy topic, because it was so much not just to relate to our adventures that we go on, so the resilience that we build and we go on adventures, and then it’s like I’m always like how do we then transfer that into our everyday life that gets busy, get take it gets overwhelming. And sometimes we just don’t wanna do life, like we’re just like I don’t really wanna do this thing and we have to find that resilience within ourselves so the fact that we got to talk about that, was like freaking amazing, and you know my takeaways from what the girls was saying is that, it’s was like resilience comes from a number of  places like, it can it comes primarily from you like you have to build the resilience.

You have to be the one that’s have to build the resilience. You have to be the one that’s putting yourself in those situations that gets you to flip that resilience muscles. So, you can’t build resilience unless you’re up against situations that ask you to call on that, and these adventures that these ladies are doing are holding on that so many times, throughout whatever they’re doing. Whether it’s the pre-training, whether it’s going on the adventures or anything like that, there is just so much in that space that the resilience gets developed, and it’s like it doesn’t have to be big massive adventure like you hear me ladies, talk about that it’s like adventurous whatever it means for you that, you know whether doing North skiing whether at running in the Sahara Desert for 25K.

Whether it is just committing to getting up adventure, we’re always continuously stretching ourselves and that is where we build our resilience. That’s where we build the belief that we can do stuff, so it’s like this is why I’m such a huge we can do stuff, so it’s like this is why I’m such a huge about, but yeah, that’s because it’s we can so easily tap into that space of a building within ourselves, our own resilience and our own self-belief.

And, one of the things that Jean said, she mentioned is that you know that can also come from our external factors as well. So, we build it within ourselves when we move through those challenges, when it’s like you wanna stop and you don’t, and you carry on and you go I can do this and you lock that in, and then you lock that into your brain and you lock that into a feeling in your body, and you know that when you’re up against it, as some similar situation that you’ve got that at resilience to push to move through. And to back yourself and the belief in the knowing that you can cause believing in yourself is one thing, and then the next level on it is knowing that you can.

So much to take away from it so yeah, so that was one key thing so resilience and building that within ourselves, that was a huge conversation that kinda just keep popping up a lot, because you know a lot of stuff, these ladies are doing this like, yeah you can quit like yeah like at you know but there is no option, it’s like they’re just like there is no other option.

So it’s like how can we build alright, I may not be going to want to run 260K in the Sahara Desert, but where else can I build that, and it’s like in everyday life, you have opportunity to build resilience, and build up belief and build that knowing, like build that knowing within yourself. So whether it’s like I said getting up, and going out and doing your own level of adventure. And, following through and that sort of stuff, you can build on that and then. So yeah, that was one of the big key takeaways. So much other stuff was talked about. It was just such a fantastic night. So, I’m super honoured to have achieved stage with Hollywood House, with Jean Halladay and was Sia Svenson.

Like, three phenomenal women who are just I think are out there doing amazing things in their own levels. So, two ladies thanks very much, to the sell out room that we had ladies, who took away something super inspiring. If you were there and you’re watching us, I’d love to know what your biggest takeaway from the night was for yourself and what you actually got out of it. And yeah, what’s the biggest thing that  you take away was from in there. If you wanna catch any of the interviews, so we didn’t obviously record last night but we have got one -on- one interviews with all the speakers in The Why She Adventures Interview Series. You can jump on board to that to whysheadventures.com. and you can check that out and you can have a lesson in there and of course, if you are struggling to find other girlfriends to go and do cool sh*t with.

We’re just part of bringing an event together ’cause it’s so easy. You know, we got all the stuff online but to bring you run together in a room so they can actually connect. If you’re struggling to connect up with other women who wanna get out and do cool sh*t. Then make sure you check out adventuregirls.co.nz/VIP and you can check out our VIP membership that we have which is going to we’re just in the process of building that, we’re launching in the next few weeks so we’ve got a pre-launch special and that is all about a searchable platform to be ableto find women in your area thatdo cool sh*t.

So not just a Facebook community, where you can kind of try it mix match but actually people you can match up with by profile, plus a whole lot of other cool stuff, searchable maps, downloads, guest interviews with with speakers that will be nowhere else to be found, and all of that sort of stuff. So check that out at adventuregirls.co.nz/VIP And I’m actually take advantage of that. Pre-Launch Special, I’m so excited ladies. Alright, yeah so that’s that like I could just keep talking but I know you ladies are probably gonna go do stuff. Love to know what your things are that you do to help build resilience in yourself, and if you wanna catch those interviews one -on- one with the ladies that worked that we shared the stage with last night.

Then yeah, go check out whysheadventures.com. Alright, lovely ladies. Here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t in New Zealand. Why? Because one, New Zealand is freaking stunning. Number two, life is better with a adventures in it, the outdoors are designed to like, give you that space to feel better in life again. It was another topic that we talked about Anyway, I can keep talking. We’ll put that as another subject Interview Series, otherwise I’ll see you in the Adventure Girls VIP. Until then, you get some adventure in your life, ladies!

[LIVE] It’s finally happening tonight




Hey Adventure girls, it’s Senka inside today.  A little bit drizzly here in Christ Church, but it’s the perfect night. Oh my gosh it’s so funny! I haven’t got my braid in my hair, and it’s like it’s so different saying I’m like, so anyway we didn’t come to talk about my hair. It’s finally happening tonight, I’m so excited. We oh my gosh, I’m sorry I just keep touching my hair. I should have put a beanie on, it’s finally happening tonight. If you’ve been following all the adventure girls stuff. Oh my goodness, if you’ve been following all the adventure girls stuff, you have seen the Why She Adventures Interview Series launch, and you can still get access to that to watch 14 amazing interviews, video interviews with phenomenal women around New Zealand, who are out doing some cool sh*t in New Zealand.

They share their stories of why they do it, the challenges that had along the way, how they overcome that, there’s so much inspiration in it. It’s not freaking funny, women of all walks of life. So, that interview series is available at whysheadventures.com. So you can get access to that now, but of course what launch from that is I just had so many women that I met that I wanted to actually put alive series on, so tonight together with the amazing people who are absolutely freaking love. They are opening the doors up for us to have a live even, we are fully sold out. So if you missed out on this one don’t worry, we will be planning another one in the New Year, but if you’ve got your ticket and you’re coming I cannot wait to see you tonight.

It’s gonna be so exciting, we’ve got Hollywood House, we’ve got a Jean Holiday, and we’ve got Sia. These women are all involved in some way with ultra-marathon running, so it’s gonna be an amazing night of conversation around that stuff, so the women that are coming to hear this conversations around why they adventure, what it takes to do that stuff. You know these are women who are somewhat interested in doing ultras. Maybe they’re already doing ultras, and maybe they just wanna made a bunch of other cool ladies. So, I cannot wait to interview these ladies, it’s not really an interview I guess it’s more conversation, have a cool conversation with these ladies. With an amazing group of other women who were there and to ask any questions as well, so it’s gonna be a freaking super rad night. It’s like, I’d be lying if I was to say that I wasn’t nervous in some way, so it’s so funny like clearly I am an extrovert that still doesn’t stop me getting nerves when I go to get on stage and talk and interview and all that sort of stuff. I definitely have used to have a really strong program that ran in the back of my head, that was all about needing to get things right on stage, and in front of people and just even in life. In business and stuff like that so, doing things like this is actually a really good stretch for me, so to be super candid to be super casual. That’s why I do these lives, otherwise what I do is I’ll video it, and then I’ll critique it and I knew I post it.

So when I get to do these lives, for you ladies. This is me and all of my realness and all  of what’s going on. So, it’s so funny how we can find these ways to really challenge ourselves and stretch ourselves, whether that’s you know going out and doing physical adventures and doing stuff that scares you, and trying new things. And then, it’s just Jules messaging me already, arranging food and caps and all that sort of stuff. So whether it’s stretching you, you know like doing something physical like I’ve never done a run past like 15K, and it was a really long time ago. So, I’m challenging myself to do 20k to 21k runs and I’m getting the support with Lisa Tamothy, and she’s gonna help me out with some training on that.

So, and then we can find other ways to stretch and grow ourselves like, for me speaking tonight as in whole new, like Arena like normally it’s women that I know and it’s smaller groups from my adventures, but today it’s gonna be 40 ladies. I’m excited about that, the funny thing is that I spoken to like 1600 women, but I never, never stopped getting nervous about it. Like all of that, oh my gosh! you’re coming along tonight. Oh that’s so exciting! What have you got any questions lined up for any of the speakers tonight like who are you most looking forward to, saying if you’re coming along tonight.

So, anyway it’s finally happening tonight. I’m so excited at Why She Adventures Conversation Series Live in Christ Church tonight. Bring it on girls! It’s gonna be so much fun, bring your questions, be ready to meet some cool other women and, just be ready to have a great conversation about adventures, ultra-marathon running and just all the cool sh*t that we can get out and do. And be ready to be inspired for a great night, like I said, if you can’t, if you’ve missed out tonight on the tickets ’cause we have sold out. You can jump on the interview series at whysheadventures.com,  and of course you can stay tuned for our next live event, which will be sometime probably in the New Year here in Christ Church. If I can make it work, we might even try and get one up in Oakland, before the end of the year. Alright, lovely ladies if you’re coming along tonight I will see you there. Please come and say hi. How’s me chill my nerves a little bit. And like I said, otherwise jump on The whysheadventures.com Series and enjoy those interviews with all those amazing women. Alright, ladies have a great day and I’ll see some of you tonight. See you!

[VIDEO] You know what orange marker arrows mean right…

There’s an adventure about to unfold 🤜🏼🤛🏼

Heres this mornings one… 



Hey Adventure Girls!  How you doing? Check this spot out. Excuse the puffy red face the sun’s out finally out, heat touches on. I am in Twizel, if you don’t recognize the forest. I’m in Twizel I stayed at the camp ground last night in Hanky Tank, Hotel Hanky Tank. So it was so nice just to camp out on again on the back of it, I forgot how much fun that as I just love the simplicity of staying in the back of the camp ground, really gets you to just strip things back and have the basics around and this morning, I thought I’ll get out for a little jog before the sun came up against towards us.

I haven’t been into twice in a couple of times beautiful little spot, but I haven’t been out for a run or anything through here but I come to here to visit friends will or pass through or anything like that. So anyway, I see about my jog and then there’s the sun like came up. There was a little orange arrows as you do, I love orange arrows. I always making amazing adventure, right? And it was like I was gonna say take twice a Lake in forest track or something like that. I was like, so here I am in this cold like track and listen. There’s a little bit of vehicles in the background, but this is so beautiful like, this is the thing that I love about coming to places like this is the discovery of things to do whether, you could ride this ’cause  it’s like big wide stuff I’ve been jogging.

My face is pink though I have to carry on so but this is what I love about coming to places, for me adventure is a little bit about pushing the boundaries, like stretching us out and growing and all that kind of drive. But really, adventure for me is about exploring places and like, the discovery in the unfolding of this, like these little surprises here which are f*cking rad man. Like where you can run this so you can walk it, you can ride it, but it’s just like getting out and finding these new places that you know, I’ve got no idea what we’re like this was gonna be like and look at this.

I don’t know there’s just something about being in the forest even if it’s just a little, there’s just something about it that just kinda feels like home. So there’s a lot going on at the moment and I just need to really ground and check in with myself and keep pushing keep persevering through the challenges, ’cause that’s what it’s about, right? And as I was running along I was like, you know finding your inner grit, your inner determination to keep moving forward in the face of challenge.

Whatever that might be, with that the mental challenge or something physical like getting out and pushing yourself physically. And also then applying equal measures of self love and self care, making sure that in moving through the challenges and pushing through, and growing and stretching and doing the stuff that is really f*cking scary. That there’s a whole lot of self love wrapped around that, a whole lot of self care.

To make sure that you know, you’re not just push push, push the whole time, that there’s a big mix in between and all of that in equal measures of self love and self care. Like, congratulating yourself, rewarding yourself, giving a “us” time to just ground and center. So for me, this is what this is my place, oh God! I’m just looking at my hair. Anyway, it’s not about that so if you got a whole bunch of stuff going on, and you need a little bit of self love and self care. Give yourself commission to to have that. That’s terrible, and if you’re in Twizel and you’re looking for something cool to do. I’ll post the name of this when I post this video up, so I’m pretty sure it’s the Twizel walkway, something like that.

Like a forest walkway but I’ll post it up,  I can see that I’m coming out to a road now. Alright, I better get on I gotta get back to the track and get on for some work today. I’ve got, I gotta go get some stuff done for the launch of the Adventure Girls VIP, which is around what should have courses being built specifically for us women. Like, you know coming to places like this I always, when I was traveling through New Zealand. I wanted places to go like cool things to find along the way. You know, a network of awesome women I can either meet up with or get advice from to find out, you know places like this, right?

So that’s why I built the Adventure Girls VIP membership like it’s your ultimate base camp, you know it’s a digital platform where you can connect up with other women in either your area or areas you’re traveling to like this. And where you can find out cool adventures, when you go to places like this and all the resources that are wrapped around it. We’ll have guest experts in the private community, our private sisterhood and, that will be our guest expert. So they’ll be speaking specifically on topics like running, mountain biking locations, hiking, all that cool stuff.

So if you’re not already a part of that come on board and join the Adventure Girls VIP. And come on, hangout. I am going to, here we go, it’s called the Lake in River Track, this is this gonna come up backwards. Yeah, so the  Lake in River track. Check that out, Alright!

[LIVE] My Little Morning Gift To You




Good morning Adventure Girl! I wanted to share this beautiful gift with you this morning. Check this out, that is the sun rising over the port hill. Let’s see if I can clean this camera. That is what I am walking up to go and say this morning that beautiful glorious sunrise, so I wanted to leave this little gift for you this morning and get out and to nature you know, she’s there to support you. She’s designed to hold space for you when you need to go clear your head, connect back into yourself and all of that, so today if you can go and connect in with Mother Nature and while you’re out there, one of the things that I love to do especially in the morning is to think about the things that I’m grateful for.

It’s pretty easy  this morning when you’ve got a view like this and it’s a balmy 15 degrees and I’ve gotta sweat going on, but this, this is some stuff to be grateful for, so my gift to you this morning is if you can get out, go into nature and if you can’t just go and sit outside for like five minutes and write a list of all things that you’re grateful for. Gratitude is this window into having more of what you focus on, and when life feels like it’s maybe not going in the direction that you wanted to. Gratitude is the fastest way to get you back in intention and focus on the stuff that you wanna have more of in yourlife.

Like epic sunrise walks and the opportunity to share stuff with you guys so I’m super grateful that you ladies are all here with Adventure Girls, I wouldn’t be able to create this without you and I feel super grateful to be able to get more women outdoors doing some cool sh*t so that’s my little week after you ladies this morning. Go get into nature & if you can’t, the very least just go sit outside for a little bit and jot down the stuff that you’re grateful for. Alright, I’m gonna go walk up this hill!

[VIDEO] Every place has a rhythm… the city, the forest, the mountains, the ocean

Have you even noticed how long it can take to really slow down when you get into nature.

To find it’s rhythm…
Meet Miriam Lancewood, author of Woman In The Wilderness.
A book about her life with her partner Peter, living simply in a tent or hut in the wilderness of New Zealand and surviving by hunting and foraging for 6 years.
You are going to want to tune in for the full interview where we talk about her experiences out there and what drives her to live this way.
Listen to the full interview at:




You know it’s very good to know that this is a natural process Tells me how quickly the mind speeds up and how slowly and slows down, not to take only one day to speed up to get into this the city of rhythm, you know and technology speeds it up even faster So if you go with your devices into the wilderness I doubt if you ever get to the rhythm of nature.