Adventure Girls is all about getting more women in NZ outdoors doing cool shit… plain and simple.

Think of Adventure Girls as not just a hub for all things adventure in NZ…. think of it more like finding your sisterhood of adventure besties.

We showcase adventures across NZ run specifically for women.

Anything and everything from weekends, to day trips, from training groups, to first timers…

Can I get a HELL YEAH!!

We bring women with a want to have more fun and adventure in their lives through our membership as a VIP, giving you access to a whole bunch of super rad stuff.

And we’re also really proud to have launched the Adventure Girls Grant, which as a VIP member you can apply to access.

So welcome to the sisterhood girl.

We’re excited that we found you!

And we’re even more excited to have you as part of the sisterhood.

See you in there!