[LIVE] This Is What Filling Up My Happy Tank Looks Like Today


Hey hey Adventure Girls. This is what happiness looks like today. I just got home there’s Hank the tank tucked away and I just got back from my first mountain bike and I’m gonna say probably three months I have had a back injury a wrist injury the weather can’t ride the trails here when they’re wet so now my beautiful Henry and I have just got back from mountain bike so like I’m actually chomped at the butt. I’m so so so happy right now. It was amazing like after being off the bike for that long I’ve been doing a bit of trail running and whatnot just hanging my stuff up after so much time off the bike I forgotten just how much I’ve forgotten just how much I’ve gotten just how much fun it is to get out and to ride my bike so I am ??? at the butts we stopped at one of the viewpoints and I actually just about had a little cry. It was that nice to be back on my bike after so long off it and yeah it’s funny how we have these things in our lives that we know like really fill our cups up like I love trail running.

I love it like it’s so nice it’s got a surreal similar feel to what mountain biking does get you out get you moving. When your trail running down somewhere you can only be totally present to what’s in front of you because you’ve got to watch where your feet go and all of that but there’s just something about being on a bike when you hit those down hills and you get that flow and we just went up the road and rode rode ??? which was really good. We earned our ride that was like took us we’re 30 ish minutes a bit less than that maybe to ride up and then we rode along the Traverse to that Park and then back and then down my trails down here down Hansberry which I jog down quite a bit which is cold but being on my bike it’s just an entirely different feeling. That real sense of flow you know when you’re trail running
you’re still got the pounding of your feet on the ground but there’s this rhythm there’s a smoothness that comes through mountain biking that you can’t get trail running and that’s just like f*ck me.

When something like that has been missing from my life for three months that’s like I knew I missed it but till I was standing out looking I even feel really emotional now standing out looking out over the thing and just to having been on my bike but it just fills my cup up so much like I feel like I just feel full. My heart feels so full right now. I actually just want to have a big cry cuz it’s like yeah took about showing up and all the realness but that’s what for me that’s the huge part about being outdoors and getting outdoors and being and doing adventure is it’s not about sure it’s about getting fit and moving and feeling better and my body and stuff like that but there’s so much of a sense of being totally present. I find yoga really hard to do because my mind still gets really busy but I find with mountain biking, trail running, trail running yes mountain biking 100% the only place I can be is totally present has been really really present when you’re riding so I’ve just forgotten how euphoric that feels.

I like catching a beautiful wave like this the only other place that I could probably say that I get that same sense of just nothing exists in the real present moment except being either on your board on a wave on a clean wave or being on your mountain bike when you’ve got that sense of flow on a smooth trail riding down. That is what happiness looks like for me today. Out for a ride with a good friend having a chat talking about life and then finding those parts on the trail that are just absolutely 100% glorious. Mesh I miss your face how you doing you look like you’ve been having heaps of fun. If you are tuning in all from Australia and you want to get out and do some cool sh*t look up mesh from what’s your adventure. She does amazing women’s adventures over in Australia and occasionally she even comes over to New Zealand to do some snow trips as well so Mesh does amazing things for women and the adventure space over in Australia so she is like the adventure girl’s sister version over in Australia so any of you Australian ladies make sure you catch up with Mesh show over there. So anyway ladies whatever you’re getting up to today like you know just go and fill your cup up or tank up your happy tank up whatever it is for you and you know if you follow any of my lives and stuff like that you’ll know I am always like do the things that matter to you with the people that matter to you because we can get so caught up in doing the stuff that we think we should be doing. I should do this and that and I should go show up here and I need to be there and you know we over give and we over commit and then we forget to fill our happy tanks up you know and that’s like vitally vitally important.

It is a lifeblood of allowing us to be at our fullest capacity all the time so you can’t give from an empty cup so if you’re over giving and doing everything for everyone else and you’re not filling your cup up it is a surefire way to not enjoy life and you know unless you believe in reincarnation we’ve got one shot at this amazing beautiful glorious thing called life and it’s not going to be all rainbows and
butterflies every single day. It’s going to have its challenges but it’s like at least when you are filling your cup up doing the things that matter – you with the people that matter to you you have that resilience you have that overflow where you have capacity to be able to manage through that stuff. So make sure ladies this weekend you are going out and filling up your cup if you’re watching this replay let me know you’re watching the replay use the #replay so I know that you’ve tuned in and any watching this and from somewhere out there not live but otherwise here’s some other people. I’m gonna go inside. Go fill your happy tanks up ladies. Get out there and do some cool sh*t that matters to you and these ladies are they’re on for a trial run and fill up your happy cups up like. Here’s to getting more women out doing some cool sh*t and of course if you want to make some other ladies to go and do cool shit with come and hang out with us in the Adventure Girls Sisterhood.

It’s our free community that we’ve got our free sisterhood so come and hang out with us in there and you can find that under the Facebook group Adventure Girls Sisterhood and come hang out with us in there so go fill you caps up ladies. Let me know in the comments below what
you’re gonna be getting up to this weekend. I’d love to hear what are you gonna go do to fill up your cup. Alright ladies here’s to getting more women out doing cool sh*t and I’ll hear from you below. See ya!

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