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Hey Adventure girls, it’s Senka inside today.  A little bit drizzly here in Christ Church, but it’s the perfect night. Oh my gosh it’s so funny! I haven’t got my braid in my hair, and it’s like it’s so different saying I’m like, so anyway we didn’t come to talk about my hair. It’s finally happening tonight, I’m so excited. We oh my gosh, I’m sorry I just keep touching my hair. I should have put a beanie on, it’s finally happening tonight. If you’ve been following all the adventure girls stuff. Oh my goodness, if you’ve been following all the adventure girls stuff, you have seen the Why She Adventures Interview Series launch, and you can still get access to that to watch 14 amazing interviews, video interviews with phenomenal women around New Zealand, who are out doing some cool sh*t in New Zealand.

They share their stories of why they do it, the challenges that had along the way, how they overcome that, there’s so much inspiration in it. It’s not freaking funny, women of all walks of life. So, that interview series is available at whysheadventures.com. So you can get access to that now, but of course what launch from that is I just had so many women that I met that I wanted to actually put alive series on, so tonight together with the amazing people who are absolutely freaking love. They are opening the doors up for us to have a live even, we are fully sold out. So if you missed out on this one don’t worry, we will be planning another one in the New Year, but if you’ve got your ticket and you’re coming I cannot wait to see you tonight.

It’s gonna be so exciting, we’ve got Hollywood House, we’ve got a Jean Holiday, and we’ve got Sia. These women are all involved in some way with ultra-marathon running, so it’s gonna be an amazing night of conversation around that stuff, so the women that are coming to hear this conversations around why they adventure, what it takes to do that stuff. You know these are women who are somewhat interested in doing ultras. Maybe they’re already doing ultras, and maybe they just wanna made a bunch of other cool ladies. So, I cannot wait to interview these ladies, it’s not really an interview I guess it’s more conversation, have a cool conversation with these ladies. With an amazing group of other women who were there and to ask any questions as well, so it’s gonna be a freaking super rad night. It’s like, I’d be lying if I was to say that I wasn’t nervous in some way, so it’s so funny like clearly I am an extrovert that still doesn’t stop me getting nerves when I go to get on stage and talk and interview and all that sort of stuff. I definitely have used to have a really strong program that ran in the back of my head, that was all about needing to get things right on stage, and in front of people and just even in life. In business and stuff like that so, doing things like this is actually a really good stretch for me, so to be super candid to be super casual. That’s why I do these lives, otherwise what I do is I’ll video it, and then I’ll critique it and I knew I post it.

So when I get to do these lives, for you ladies. This is me and all of my realness and all  of what’s going on. So, it’s so funny how we can find these ways to really challenge ourselves and stretch ourselves, whether that’s you know going out and doing physical adventures and doing stuff that scares you, and trying new things. And then, it’s just Jules messaging me already, arranging food and caps and all that sort of stuff. So whether it’s stretching you, you know like doing something physical like I’ve never done a run past like 15K, and it was a really long time ago. So, I’m challenging myself to do 20k to 21k runs and I’m getting the support with Lisa Tamothy, and she’s gonna help me out with some training on that.

So, and then we can find other ways to stretch and grow ourselves like, for me speaking tonight as in whole new, like Arena like normally it’s women that I know and it’s smaller groups from my adventures, but today it’s gonna be 40 ladies. I’m excited about that, the funny thing is that I spoken to like 1600 women, but I never, never stopped getting nervous about it. Like all of that, oh my gosh! you’re coming along tonight. Oh that’s so exciting! What have you got any questions lined up for any of the speakers tonight like who are you most looking forward to, saying if you’re coming along tonight.

So, anyway it’s finally happening tonight. I’m so excited at Why She Adventures Conversation Series Live in Christ Church tonight. Bring it on girls! It’s gonna be so much fun, bring your questions, be ready to meet some cool other women and, just be ready to have a great conversation about adventures, ultra-marathon running and just all the cool sh*t that we can get out and do. And be ready to be inspired for a great night, like I said, if you can’t, if you’ve missed out tonight on the tickets ’cause we have sold out. You can jump on the interview series at whysheadventures.com,  and of course you can stay tuned for our next live event, which will be sometime probably in the New Year here in Christ Church. If I can make it work, we might even try and get one up in Oakland, before the end of the year. Alright, lovely ladies if you’re coming along tonight I will see you there. Please come and say hi. How’s me chill my nerves a little bit. And like I said, otherwise jump on The whysheadventures.com Series and enjoy those interviews with all those amazing women. Alright, ladies have a great day and I’ll see some of you tonight. See you!