[VIDEO] You know what orange marker arrows mean right…

There’s an adventure about to unfold 🤜🏼🤛🏼

Heres this mornings one… 



Hey Adventure Girls!  How you doing? Check this spot out. Excuse the puffy red face the sun’s out finally out, heat touches on. I am in Twizel, if you don’t recognize the forest. I’m in Twizel I stayed at the camp ground last night in Hanky Tank, Hotel Hanky Tank. So it was so nice just to camp out on again on the back of it, I forgot how much fun that as I just love the simplicity of staying in the back of the camp ground, really gets you to just strip things back and have the basics around and this morning, I thought I’ll get out for a little jog before the sun came up against towards us.

I haven’t been into twice in a couple of times beautiful little spot, but I haven’t been out for a run or anything through here but I come to here to visit friends will or pass through or anything like that. So anyway, I see about my jog and then there’s the sun like came up. There was a little orange arrows as you do, I love orange arrows. I always making amazing adventure, right? And it was like I was gonna say take twice a Lake in forest track or something like that. I was like, so here I am in this cold like track and listen. There’s a little bit of vehicles in the background, but this is so beautiful like, this is the thing that I love about coming to places like this is the discovery of things to do whether, you could ride this ’cause  it’s like big wide stuff I’ve been jogging.

My face is pink though I have to carry on so but this is what I love about coming to places, for me adventure is a little bit about pushing the boundaries, like stretching us out and growing and all that kind of drive. But really, adventure for me is about exploring places and like, the discovery in the unfolding of this, like these little surprises here which are f*cking rad man. Like where you can run this so you can walk it, you can ride it, but it’s just like getting out and finding these new places that you know, I’ve got no idea what we’re like this was gonna be like and look at this.

I don’t know there’s just something about being in the forest even if it’s just a little, there’s just something about it that just kinda feels like home. So there’s a lot going on at the moment and I just need to really ground and check in with myself and keep pushing keep persevering through the challenges, ’cause that’s what it’s about, right? And as I was running along I was like, you know finding your inner grit, your inner determination to keep moving forward in the face of challenge.

Whatever that might be, with that the mental challenge or something physical like getting out and pushing yourself physically. And also then applying equal measures of self love and self care, making sure that in moving through the challenges and pushing through, and growing and stretching and doing the stuff that is really f*cking scary. That there’s a whole lot of self love wrapped around that, a whole lot of self care.

To make sure that you know, you’re not just push push, push the whole time, that there’s a big mix in between and all of that in equal measures of self love and self care. Like, congratulating yourself, rewarding yourself, giving a “us” time to just ground and center. So for me, this is what this is my place, oh God! I’m just looking at my hair. Anyway, it’s not about that so if you got a whole bunch of stuff going on, and you need a little bit of self love and self care. Give yourself commission to to have that. That’s terrible, and if you’re in Twizel and you’re looking for something cool to do. I’ll post the name of this when I post this video up, so I’m pretty sure it’s the Twizel walkway, something like that.

Like a forest walkway but I’ll post it up,  I can see that I’m coming out to a road now. Alright, I better get on I gotta get back to the track and get on for some work today. I’ve got, I gotta go get some stuff done for the launch of the Adventure Girls VIP, which is around what should have courses being built specifically for us women. Like, you know coming to places like this I always, when I was traveling through New Zealand. I wanted places to go like cool things to find along the way. You know, a network of awesome women I can either meet up with or get advice from to find out, you know places like this, right?

So that’s why I built the Adventure Girls VIP membership like it’s your ultimate base camp, you know it’s a digital platform where you can connect up with other women in either your area or areas you’re traveling to like this. And where you can find out cool adventures, when you go to places like this and all the resources that are wrapped around it. We’ll have guest experts in the private community, our private sisterhood and, that will be our guest expert. So they’ll be speaking specifically on topics like running, mountain biking locations, hiking, all that cool stuff.

So if you’re not already a part of that come on board and join the Adventure Girls VIP. And come on, hangout. I am going to, here we go, it’s called the Lake in River Track, this is this gonna come up backwards. Yeah, so the  Lake in River track. Check that out, Alright!

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