[LIVE] My Little Morning Gift To You




Good morning Adventure Girl! I wanted to share this beautiful gift with you this morning. Check this out, that is the sun rising over the port hill. Let’s see if I can clean this camera. That is what I am walking up to go and say this morning that beautiful glorious sunrise, so I wanted to leave this little gift for you this morning and get out and to nature you know, she’s there to support you. She’s designed to hold space for you when you need to go clear your head, connect back into yourself and all of that, so today if you can go and connect in with Mother Nature and while you’re out there, one of the things that I love to do especially in the morning is to think about the things that I’m grateful for.

It’s pretty easy  this morning when you’ve got a view like this and it’s a balmy 15 degrees and I’ve gotta sweat going on, but this, this is some stuff to be grateful for, so my gift to you this morning is if you can get out, go into nature and if you can’t just go and sit outside for like five minutes and write a list of all things that you’re grateful for. Gratitude is this window into having more of what you focus on, and when life feels like it’s maybe not going in the direction that you wanted to. Gratitude is the fastest way to get you back in intention and focus on the stuff that you wanna have more of in yourlife.

Like epic sunrise walks and the opportunity to share stuff with you guys so I’m super grateful that you ladies are all here with Adventure Girls, I wouldn’t be able to create this without you and I feel super grateful to be able to get more women outdoors doing some cool sh*t so that’s my little week after you ladies this morning. Go get into nature & if you can’t, the very least just go sit outside for a little bit and jot down the stuff that you’re grateful for. Alright, I’m gonna go walk up this hill!

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