[Video] Every place has a rhythm… the city, the forest, the mountains, the ocean

Have you even noticed how long it can take to really slow down when you get into nature.

To find it’s rhythm…
Meet Miriam Lancewood, author of Woman In The Wilderness.
A book about her life with her partner Peter, living simply in a tent or hut in the wilderness of New Zealand and surviving by hunting and foraging for 6 years.
You are going to want to tune in for the full interview where we talk about her experiences out there and what drives her to live this way.
Listen to the full interview at:




You know it’s very good to know that this is a natural process Tells me how quickly the mind speeds up and how slowly and slows down, not to take only one day to speed up to get into this the city of rhythm, you know and technology speeds it up even faster So if you go with your devices into the wilderness I doubt if you ever get to the rhythm of nature.

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