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Hey adventure girls! It’s Senka here. Creator of adventure girls & why she adventures and I’m just taking a little sit here. I just had another interview with the amazing for the why she adventure interview series with the amazing George who is one of my besties and down in Christ Church and what came up was something really good conversation, and I wanna talk a little something really good conversation, and I wanna talk a little bit more into that because for the last week in a in a day. I pinched my sciatic nerve and I’ve been like literally flat-out, like ah the osteo’s lying down and sitting up is terrible like I’m doing now is terrible, ’cause it pinches in awhile. Walking is okay but so yeah like so I found it in over this time just like seven days, like I’m always out of entering.

I’m always doing stuff and I’ve just noticed that I’ve been really struggling the last couple of days with actually all the lying down and all the the inactivity and the lack of adventure. So it’s like it’s been really easy to get sucked into a space of like things aren’t going super great right now. And just after the interview that I had with Jewel, got me to realize that I’ve been focusing on the stuff that hasn’t been working for me.

So then you know the fact that I’ve been lying down that I haven’t been able to go out and do adventures and all of this stuff and ’cause we spoken to the space of attitude of gratitude. So you know we have a reticular activating system. So the thing that is in our forefront of our mind is the thing we’re focusing on what we see so when life is sh*t sometimes we get caught up and focusing on all the other sh*t stuff. So it’s like you see one sh*t thing, so then you start focusing on all the other things that are really sh*t in our lives, and and just as equally and just as easily we can actually flip that around and focus on the stuff that is working and it’s not to say that the stuff that’s not working, vanishes.

But everything comes down to how we how we view it, the questions that we ask ourselves about situation that’s one of Robin’s big things as he’s always talking about the quality of our life is the quality of our talking about the quality of our life is the quality of our questions. So it makes me go what we focusing on then is what we create so it’s like yeah, I’ve just noticed that in the last few days I’ve been getting really focused on the stuff that’s just not been working. Instead of being in a space of gratitude ’cause at the end of the day, the fact is that I have a pinched sciatic, that’s a fact. Like anything else that I wrap around it is a f*cking story, right? Like my life sucks ’cause I can’t do adventures. That’s a story, I make that up or I can say I have an opportunity to be able to rest which I sometimes don’t do enough and to get some things done that I’ve really been wanting to get done which requires me to sit still.

So I don’t do a lot of offer but either way I can tell a story and of late the last couple of days I’ve been probably telling some stories that haven’t really been serving me, and that’s just been creating more and more frustration about being unable to get up and do the stuff that I really wanna do. So today has felt like a bit of a fresh start, I got out for a walk 2K walk.

It’s not super far by any means but it was just the act of getting out and going by any means but it was just the act of getting out and going for a walk and that sort of stuff and just having the freedom to kinda process stuff and really kinda change, the change the story like choose a different story, instead of telling myself a story of what’s not working. It’s like I get to choose the story so why not tell a good one that I’ve been able to get some stuff done that I haven’t, and that really everyone saying that it would take about two weeks to heal so on a weekend.

So let’s say I’ve got another week of healing today, so I just wanna remind you ladies that when life feels like it’s a little bit sh*t it’s not to say that the events won’t vanish or disappear, or that sort, of stuff but how we choose to look at those events and the things that are happening in our lives can make all the difference to our mental wellness in our mental health and just being able to cope with some of the stuff that’s going on.

So when life feels like it’s a little bit sh*t, take a look at what is working for you like I said the event or events are events stuff that happens, happen but what we choose to put our attention and our focus on too will probably be the thing that will help us either move throughout with a bit of Grayson is one of my good friends did voices rather than being in a place of one of my good friends did voices rather than being in a place of move through very nicely so the situation is what it is but if I can put a good perspective on it and make sure that I look at it like, what are the good things that come out of us like what are the good things that I can actually  start to list those rather than list all the sh*t stuff that’s going on. And that I’ve messed things that I’ve missed out on because I haven’t been able to be as mobile.

So what are you hearing for yourself in this in this like let me know in the comments below, I’ll be really interested to know what comes up for you, what you notice and what you hear and if you wanna hear about a really amazing lady Jones from Featherston, if you wanna hear her story about how she overcame a quite a quite a bad mountain bike accident, and her and I still adventure to these still in adventure to these days together. It has she ever came that then tune in to the why she adventure conversation series gets a bit a bit real and raw when we’re having that conversation.

So I just wanna acknowledge her you know, for still getting out on some of the stuff that she does even when I know when it’s super challenging so having amazing women like that in our lives it makes a huge difference. So if life is feeling a little bit shit ladies, take a look at what you’re focusing on. If you can only less the sh*t stuff like the lower polarity is that there has to be the opposite of that as well. So there has to be some good stuff going on as well. So I can guarantee you if you can write a list of sh*t stuff that’s going on in your life that if you take a really good look, you can actually list a bunch of stuff that’s going really great in your life and so make a choice and focus on stuff that is working and the stories that support and empower you and encourage you to keep moving forward.

So here’s to getting at better so I know that that there’s having this pinch sciatic is gonna definitely made me appreciate being well once I can get up and get moving a lot more freely, so go and focus on the stuff that’s working. If you wanna drop in the comments below couple of things that you’re feeling super grateful for, then I’d love to know what those are.

So, I’m really grateful for the amazing women that are in my life whether they’re adventurous or with their just girlfriends that are always there to support and encourage me no matter where I’m going in my life and that sort of stuff but it’s definitely something that I’m super grateful for right now in my life. So let me know what you’re grateful for in the comments below and if you wanna join and in here and tell us a story, you can check out some dates at whysheadventures.com and you can hear her and yeah how she overcame so I look forward to seeing you in our ladies and, of course here’s to getting more women out doing cool sh*t!

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