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Hi Adventure Girls! Whattup?! It’s Senka here, if you were just on my live before it dropped out. Good on you, good on your facing an interview. Hey look, I wanted to jump on today’s live because the other day I shared a post that was that was done over 10 years ago. I shared it because it was you know when you look at your memory stuff and it pops up right and this memory was like me saying, I’m so excited I’m gonna be taking 10 ladies out at gun shooting. This was like 10 years ago and it made me realize just how long I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing like 10 years and we’re doing the shooting adventure back then and that was done. That was on and stuff like that it was such a great day, so I just made me realize like f*ck. Been doing adventures for a really long time and one of the things that continuously comes through from all of that, can I just say I do that, check out this view like how was today, right?

This is Christ Church, stunning day now I don’t think it shows up here but just along that, that is notjust the horizon that is actually the Southern Alps and they are snow-capped today. So yes, so one of the things like after every single adventure that we do, we always ask the ladies feedback. You know, why do you come why do you come and do adventures with us, why don’t you just go do them by yourself. All of that stuff and the common theme all  the time was that they just couldn’t find anybody to go out with, right? Now like their friends would like bail on them, that organized staff, their friends were friends who would bail on them and or they just don’t have people to go with ’cause you know life stuff changes like, as you get older maybe your circumstances change.

You move to a new location or you know, your friends get married and I have kids and I don’t wanna do that, or maybe that we’re getting, you’re getting to an age where it’s like your kids are old enough and you can actually go and do this stuff. So one of the things was, was a woman found it so freaking hard to find other friends that wanted to go and do this stuff, right? Like Adventure besties and I tell you what life is so much better when you have adventure besties, I have probably about I have a half a dozen girlfriends who I can pretty much go, “Hey girl, do you wanna go do an adventure?” And more than likely at least half of them will be like, “Hell yeah Senka, I’m in!” And the any other reason than the other half may not, is ’cause they  live in Oakland still.

So having your adventure besties is like I know, I just can’t imagine life without it so anyway, this post just reminded me that it’s  like at 10 years for 10 years I’ve been hearing the same thing and it’s like finally, finally I’ve been doing something about it. I have if you haven’t already seen, I launched the Adventure Girls VIP membership. Launched that a couple of weeks ago and we kept off with a founders VIP offer, if you haven’t already checked it , Adventuregirls.co.nz/VIP. You know me no shameless and no need to hide the shameless plug in there so we’ve created this, let me show you actually let me quickly show you this. Check this sh*t out all right, look at this.

It is your it’s the ultimate base camp for all things outdoors in New Zealand for women like legitimate legitimately. This is so cool, so this VIP membership it’s like, it’s an epic digital platform for rad women like you. Hey Haley! To find a new adventure bestie and to find new adventures around New Zealand to access a truckload of practical tools and resources and of course, some freaking epic discounts on gear and that sort of stuff, so this this has been like something that I have wanted to launch for you ladies for so long because, because I know there is such a need for it. Let me just not have you look at my boobs, no need to stare at my boobs.

So the coolest thing about this is that it’s not just a Facebook community. We have one of those,it’s free. You can jump on board and have a look adventure girlssisterhood.co.com, and it is actually like an entire online platform so what it is is you can add in your profile, your members profile so so I’m just trying to f*ck around here, ladies. Tryin to get it this working, so you can enter your profile and you can put in the details of what adventures you love to do, and and then the cool thing is is that you can actually match up with other women either locally, so whether you are or around New Zealand.

So if you’re like me and you travel around a bit and you wanna go to places, and you wanna meet some other women that are up for doing cool stuff, then you can talk to that all out in there. So what it’s just one of the rad features that we’ve got in there and then, we’ve also got a interactive map as well, which is where we are loading up all the cool adventures to do. So this isn’t just adventures that you pay to go and do like hikes and places to go surfing, and all of that sort of stuff. That’s getting loaded in there and of course as a member, you can add your two cents worth and you can add your pictures, and all that kind of cool stuff. So to fully interactive map that will link you through the resources, so if you wanna go and do adventures for yourself, like with yourself or if you wanna connect up with other girls, you can actually find all the resources in one handy location, so you don’t have to like wait through the internet.

We’ve already done that trust me over all these years, all the women that I’ve met and all the adventures that I’ve done and we have so many resources so many links to so many websites. So that is what we’re building as an interactive map, so you can click on the areas that you wanna go see what adventures are there, and then click through see some basic details and then we’ll give you the resources, to be able to cut through and find out more information, so you can go and do adventures and the cool thing is what the membership is that you can also reach out to the other girls that wanna do those adventures so you can filter by the types of adventures you wanna do and then, you can actually send those girls a group message and then if anyone else’s can, what do you know you can  message back.

So lots of way more than just a just a Facebook community like isn’t just a group, this is like full deluxe. We’ve got every month, we’ve got a guest expert who will be talking specifically with you, about a particular topic so we’ve got Janet from the cycle coach, so we’re gonna talk all things mountain biking, so not just like yeah, just not the fluffy stuff like the real specifics so you guys can drive that conversation.  What are the things that you wanna know about mountain biking do you wanna know how to do maintenance, do you wanna know how to balance on your bike better. Do you wanna know great trails to go ride for entry levels, whatever you wanna know they’re live Q  and A, so you can get your answers answered by an expert not just by like someone, who’s doing some stuff like oh I did the ride one, so here’s how to break.

This is what Janet does for her business so I’m really excited that we’re launching this and of course, I’m telling everyone that were doing this we have got heaps of the people that we used to run our adventures with reaching out and going, hey can we offer your VIP members a discount and we’re like,  f*ck yeah you can, so we’ve got some cool companies on board. We’ve already got Featherfaster they’ve got a discount for you guys, and get a discount code once you become a member and Oakland Sea Kayak, so we used to do all our kayaking with Open Oakland have got a discount code for you guys, as well.

So when you become a VIP member basically, it’s one once you sign up like it pays for it, it pays one third of it pays for it from just a discount alone. So we are working on many, many more members at VIP discounts and stuff like that. So stay tuned so the cool thing too, what the membership like the best thing about that is it creates a space for us to be able to continue to build resources to be able to connect women across New Zealand, to get you ladies out doing more cool sh*t, like that’s the basics of what adventure girls is all about. It’s just about getting you ladies out towards doing some cool stuff, so how ever we can help you throughout that space with it is through doing, giving you guys some resources whether it’s being able to connect through the map, through the map, and through the profiles and whether it’s through the Adventure Girls Grant which, when you’re a VIP member.

You have access to as well that is what this whole platform has been built for, so I’m super excited it is just been such a mission, and I know there is like such a massive need out there. I mean, if you’re watching us and you’re follow Adventure Girls, you’ll know that it’s like there we are so committed to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t, and this is just another way that we get to provide that. So I’m super excited about what we’re launching and I’m super excited that you are gonna be a part of it, the founding members offer finishes on the 21st, which is literally two weeks which is 14 days, so we are on the countdown and I do not want you to miss out.

So make sure you jump on over to adventuregirls.co.nz/VIP and go and get yourself a VIP membership. Seriously ladies, go get it done you, any questions just hit me up with a private message. Totally happy to answer them for you but for less than a dollar a day you too can, no I’m not gonna start that and I’m definitely not giving away any. Anyway go check it out, come and hang out and let’s connect up and f*ckin here’s to getting more women outdoors doing cool sh*t, right? I’m gonna go out there and have a lunch break, I think.