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Hey Adventure girls! Senka here, look at what I am creating for you lovely ladies. It is nearly done, I’ve had so much fun putting this together not only to share with you some freaking awesome places to go riding, but like finding these photos of me writing these places is just taking me right back and I cannot wait to share them with you. So check this out, don’t worry about any of that content ’cause it doesn’t mean anything ’cause I’ve gotta go in an update that, so this is just a little sample of what you get when you join The Adventure Girls VIP Membership.

This is one of our downloadable documents, so I’m just finishing all this off, you get the location places nearby the graded trail and in length to the trail. So this is just a sample of some of the places, so many butt shots, it’s hilarious!  So yeah, you get this at wicked as resource along with the hiking one and some mountain bike par and a riding mountain biking checklist, lots of lakes some of which are shutdown.

Anyway I’m so excited about that, look at this how awesome is that, so it’s part of the VIP Bonus Resources. You get Top 10 Trails to hike, some checklists and all of that sort of stuff, so that is what’s coming live and direct to you, so if you haven’t already jumpedon board, we are on the countdown now for the The Founding VIP Membership to finish and check it out all this cool stuff It Membership to finish and check it out, all this cool stuff that you get is not just a Facebook Community.

It is a full blown membership with  cool thousand resource, so we got like searchable member profiles. We can meet girls, interactive maps so you can search up cool adventures, discounts on red stuff. We’ve got live Q and A, you get the ability to apply for the debt and of course these bonus resources which are building right now for you.

Look at this and don’t worry I haven’t put the details on here, so you can’t even see them, I’d be wanting to be. Alright, ladies that is my evening I have to, I have to shut down now. It’s getting too late so if you haven’t already, make sure you go and check out adventuregirls.co.nz/VIPCo, jump on board and become a VIP girl, come and support freakin awesome, awesome space ofgetting women out doing some cool sh*t, with you becoming a member not only do you get all those cool bonuses but you are part of becoming the movement in New Zealand. The movement in New Zealand like seriously, cool sh*t. So you’re either with us or you’re not, so come and join us!