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They say feel the fear and do it anyway. right? So here it goes.

So who would have thought that bouncing on a trampoline would be facing a fear, right? Well we all have our fears no matter how big or small in our minds that seem to hold us back and that sometimes the unlikeliest of moments that were forced to face them and it’s what comes next that’s most profound. What you may not know is that back in May, 2013, I dislocated my knee playing indoor netball. We thought everything was okay until I tried to walk. Negative ghost rider? That was not gonna happen. Fast forward two months and I was having my torn acl replaced. Fun times right? Doin another fast forward of the year after rehab and getting back from my bike and pretty much being as right as rain until a girlfriend, said “Hey let’s take the kids to jump”, my worst fear a place of full of trampolines.

I hadn’t done anything like this since surgery, and it gave me the sh*ts thinking about jumping up and down in imagining my knee dislocating again. Luckily there was just a tiniest part of me that thought how would it be if I did. That was just enough to get me to go, otherwise it would have been one of those things that I would have regretted doing as soon as I stood at the edge of the trampolines,looking out over all those fun, I remember thinking it’s now or never and as I stepped out nothing. Nothing went wrong. What do you know? Boom! It was fine. In that moment I really got what feeling that fear and doing it anyway meant, and bigger still. I got how moving passed your fear opens up a whole new world of possibility. Once I got confident bouncing around on that trampoline, I had to challenge myself to go one step further and open up that new possibility.

Check out what I did

Now, if my knee can hold up to that I’m definitely ready for some new challenges. Imagine how it would be in your life if you were able to face one fear be a big or small and move through it to a new possibility where in your life at the moment, have you got fear sitting around there niggling away, you stopping you from saying what’s on the other side. So here’s my three tips to help you face a fear and move past it no matter how big or small. Number one, get it out of your head. Write down your fears, sometimes just sh*ting some light on it can help you get some perspective. I remember telling Jodi how nervous I was about getting on those trampolines, just saying it helped me to start getting my head around it. Number two, you’re gonna write down a couple of things here. The first one is you’re going to write down what you’re missing out from this fear.

There’s a good chance to say where in your life, this fear maybe holding you you’re gonna do is write down what it would be like if you moved past this fear. Imagine a few words just for a moment that you’d move past this fear, how would it be where in your life would you create more freedom and more choices and moving past.

Now, if you’re watching most of my videos you’ll know I’m all about taking some action. So number three, guess what? You’re gonna come up with one way to start moving past your fear today. For me, it was saying yes to going to jump with Jodi. So what is it for you? Oh, I love to have adventure girls like you, inspire each other so I’d love it if you would share what actions you’re going to do today to face your fear and put it in the comments below.

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 So I say, go for it!

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