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Well, I wanna know if this is the same for you. I just got off a podcast interview this morning for the uhhmm..  It was really fun to be on the Riverside of it ’cause I’ve been through all the interviews for why she adventures series which is complete now. We have 14 lineup ladies in the lineup anyway completely digress but don’t mention and plug in here. Why she adventures dot com but I I just got off being interviewed for a podcast with my best friend Joe Jellis at who’s the creator of Lady Balls.

Like what a cool name for business right and she is all about inspiring and empowering women to strengthen the lady balls and do the things that they’ve always wanted to their lives and in their businesslike real big pivot shifts like you’re stuck in a space and yours like you have this thing that I need to be doing and I’m not doing it. She coaches and she’s in that space. She’s amazing and so we just got off like a 45 minute podcast interview & I wanna know if it’s the same for you but like when you’re hanging out with people who get you with a conversation.

Totally flows and you just spend most of your time like we went from laughing about a whole lot of sh*t too like you know talking like in depth about just life and how we can come up against challenges and when we need to strip on our lady balls and all that sort of stuff but I don’t know if it’s the same who let say, fill out our cups instead of drain our  cups and if you’re listening to this. There’s probably some people in your life. You’re like yeah I always feel really exhausted hanging out with him. It’s so important for us to surround ourselves with people that really fill us up and it really support us and encourage us to do the things that we want to do in life and adventures.

You know for us here at Adventure girls, as always got an adventure flavor to it too, right? So you wanna surround yourself with girlfriends and people that are like when you go “Oh I really wanna try this thing and they’re like, f*ck yeah! you should totally do that then they go hell yeah, let’s go and do that together.” And because it makes all the difference like having a cheerleader on your team whose somebody who’s like yeah you can totally do that. And then they help you navigate your way through that or you know just help you through the challenges that pop up ’cause the reality is, is that when you go through anything in life like when you set that goals.

When you whether that’s adventure stuff or life stuff, you always gonna come up against challenges, that is a fact like you cannot take that away at all remotely. Not gonna happen if you’re looking for the easy way or the easy route you just you know, (laughs). You are gonna come up against challenges if you’re doing stuff that is gonna stretch so you wanna have people that genuinely give a sh*t about you that support you and encourage you to do that stuff. I through my interview with Lisa Tamothy. I see that y’all have  always wanted to do a hateful 21K run. Well of course you know what happens when you do that, when you say to a coach, I’ve always wanted to do that thing she’s like I will support you in doing it so I’ve actually found us a race that I’m gonna do that has a 21K Off-road trail run on it.

So I’ve just got to book my ticket and then I’ll be able to announce it out to everybody and then she’s gonna support me and getting a trail ready for that as well. So I’m Super excited to have her support. She’s an amazing woman. If you haven’t signed up to why she adventures interview series tell  us into her interview, she is a f*cking incredible woman and you know instantly meet someone and you connect in your like yet I’m stoke. I’ve got someone like her backing in my corner and stuff like that.

So yeah so I’m Super excited to announce that so if you find that you’re missing out on having cool people in your corner to help back you on those adventures or inspire you to go and do those sorts of adventures then make sure you come and check out our VIP, the Adventure girls VIP which we have just launched this week. It is a spice for you, ladies. When I picked up my life and traveled the length of New Zealand, the one thing that I heard constantly through my travels was man, are we so cool to have a network of women that we can connect with. I use this small network that

I had to connect with women when I was traveling the fact it’s just something that I hear over and over again that and having the confidence and the resources on where to where and how to get into doing adventures and that’s how the adventure girls VIP got birthed. So that is now alive and open and we’ve got some members in there and it is growing steadily and I’m super excited to bring that to you ladies because I just know what an amazing sisterhood of adventure things this does for you in terms of just your mental wellness ,physical wellness and helping you to grow and do cool sh*t  in New Zealand because let’s be honest, we love New Zealand and it’s f*ckin beautiful here and you know no matter where you live we’re like not far from being able to get out and do an adventure, right? So if you wanna find out some more details on the adventure goes VIP. Just throw VIP below this video here  and I’ll send you over the link.

You can check it all out and  have a look and see all the good stuff that you get on there. We got bonus resources, guest experts every month so we can have some live good conversations on some real specific needs after what you ladies need for getting out there. And then of course a whole lot of women that will be joining up that you can connect with as well as through a searchable things you can check out all the cool adventures you wanna do, search for cool ladies. We wanna do them and then reach out to them and go, Hey you wanna do that cool thing I wanna do that cool thing.Let’s go do that  cool thing together like f*ckin rad, right? and that’s what it’s  like having adventures these days and your pocket all the time.

So you know whether it’s throughthe adventure goes beyond pay or if you’re lucky enough to have a network already like make the most of it. So one thing as women were really usually f*cking good at as supporting each other when nurture is by nature. So we wanna genuinely get together, support each other encourage each other and then of course you know through Adventure girls a whole underlying thing is getting at in doing some cool stuff. So wherever you are in New Zealand, ladies. If you wanna jump on board comment below VIP. I’ll f*ck you through the link for that and it will be f*cking awesome to have you on there.

Like it’s super cool network going in there and it officially launches at the end of this month and we have a founding offer. A founding members offer right going there. So go find yourself adventures, besties. Efforts not through us that’s all good! We’ll still be here to love you but go and find people that support you and encourage you whether that’s adventure wise or life wise and of course ladies here’s to getting more women out doing cool sh*t.