Peak Hill, Lake Coleridge [ADVENTURE GIRLS MUST DO]

Peak Hill, Lake Coleridge,
Canterbury, South Island, NZ

6.7kms return trip
2hrs moving time
668 m elevation gain
Phew 😅

This weekend we jumped into Hank the Tank and took an 1.5hr drive out to Lake Coleridge to hit up Peak Hill.

I’d seen it posted on a friends page, and it immediately went onto my Adventure Girls Must Do List.

The DOC website is a little light on info about the track, and it’s deemed as ‘expert’, but after some further research, it’s expert due to the changable weather that is so true of going into the mountain, and that the track is exposed.

So here’s a few pics from our mini mission from this adventure, and a few things to know from our experience.

There’s no loo at the start of the track or on the track, so if you’re traveling down the gravel road, theres a loo stop about 3-4 mins before.

We didn’t use it, so not sure if its a long drop, but it’s gonna be nicer than having to wait till you finish up.

We took more stuff than we needed on the day, as it turned out to be a pearler of a day,

That being said, I’m always about carrying more then you need incase the weather changes, or you get injured.

There’s no Vodafone reception on the track, so make sure you let so one know where you’re going and when you’ll be back and if you can, carry a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).

I can’t recommend this enough, especially if you’re traveling alone.

The track starts out crossing a paddock to the base of where the mountain start to head up,

From there… get ready to be walking up hill for the next hour.

The doesnt take a mellow zig zag it goes straight up a ridge line to get you to the first plateau.

This was challenging in a good way.

Im not the fastest uphills, and I always take the slow and steady approach to get to the top…

If you put one foot infront of the other, you will get there, and the rewards will be worth it.

You start to see how big Lake Coleridge is.

We took a truck tonne of pics from there, but the best ones are really from the top.

We had a little snack at the top of the ridgeline, because we saw the next little push up with again up a ridgeline.

Up being the operative word.

But once you get to the top of that, the trail mellows out by comparison, and in 20 mins your at the top….YEOW!!

There’s no trigg at the top of the track, instead you’ll see a big cairn (pile of rocks)

We had breathtaking views of Lake Coleridge.

It took us 2 hours to get from the car to the top, including stops for photos, and snacks.

We kicked back and soaked up the sun while we refueled with lunch.

I could have quite happily laid in the sun and worked on my tan, it was that nice up there.

We decided to jog down, to challenge ourselves on the way down. SO the descend was waaaaaaaaaaay faster than our climb.

So our totally moving time up and down the track was 2 hours.

On the way down the sun was in full heat and we passed a number of people making there way up,

So one of the things we did the best, was getting on the trail early.

We were on the track by 9am (in fact we could have got there a little earlier),

This meant we weren’t on the track walking up on a 22+ degree day.

I loved this track!

I’ve done Roys Peak, which has STUNNING views of Lak Wanaka.

This track is like a slightly shorter, steeper version,

With just as epic views and no where near the crowds for photos (even starting as 9am).

I’d love to know if you’ve done it, and if you have what you thought.

Definitely worth making this an #adventuregirlsmustdo

Here’s to getting more women out doing more cool shit!

See you out there.

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Here’s the link to the DOC Site to read a little more about this adventure.