What I Love About Being a Mountain Biker

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You what I love about being a mountain biker…. it’s that when you meet locals in their trails they are totally happy to show you round!

I just had the funniest 9km ride with two old timers named Bruce and Dave and the Eskdale MTB Park, Napier.

They had me I stitches the whole way round. Would have gotten myself well and truly lost if it weren’t for them letting tag along.

Top blokes, hardcase as.

If I’m laughing as much as them in the 60’s I’ll know I’ve had a good life!

The loop we rode was narrow single track, so if you’re first time rider or new to mountain biking be prepared for that.

Definitely take a map with you, or use Trailforks to help navigate your way around.

There are trail signs, but like any forest you ride in for the first times it’s easy to get disoriented.

And we rode Waipunga Block, which is scheduled to be logged early 2018, hence lack of trail signage.

I’m definitely keep to get back and ride the Replanted Block which is open now too.

Here’s the link to find out what blocks are open, and where to get your day pass and map from.

Make sure you grab yours and support the local MTB club here!

Go get out there!