Physical Well Being Is F**king Paramount

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What better way to spend a Monday morn than topping up ya happy tank with a quick MTB ride right!

Loading Henry (my bike) on to Hank the Tank (my Hilux). Looking after ya mental well being as much as ya physical well being is fucking paramount!

For so long I put others before me, beat myself up for taking time out to go ride my bike in a week day when I ‘should be’ working and made myself wrong for doing it.

So I’d end up in a double bind, damned if I did, damned if I didn’t.

Let’s face it, that ain’t fun!

So now (and still not always), I put my mental health first… I go fill up my happy tank which funnily enough then inspires me to smash out my work waaaaaay faster.

Go figure right!

Best if both world in my book.

Go get out there sista.