Upcoming Adventures

Awesome time

I had such an awesome time. I loved surfing! I met some really fantastic people who share my same passion for getting out there and trying something different. Thanks Senka! You are an awesome person, with an awesome vision and an awesome company. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Danya Williams

Feeling of accomplishment

What I really enjoyed about my day with Adventure Girls was meeting other girls with similar interests and the feeling of accomplishment.

Lee-Anne Heywood

Opportunity to try new things

Adventure Girls has done really well. What a great thing you are doing for all adventure girls out there. You are giving people the opportunity to try things that they probably wonโ€™t usually.

Jenny Denton

Chance to meet people and have fun

You Rock, this is a fantastic way to try new things in a supportive environment and a great chance to meet new people and have fun.

Jess Wilson